Resenhas de Livros: Guia de Pronúncia do Inglês para Brasileiros

Guia de Pronúncia do Inglês para Brasileiros
by Cristina Schumacher, Philip de Lacy White, Marta Zanettini
Editora Campus - 2002, 246 pages.
Reviewed by Michael A. Jacobs

The aim of Guia de Pronúncia de Inglês para Brasileiros is to present a simplified no-nonsense approach to pronunciation, offering access to this essential field without the requirement of any prior experience or training.

In Part I, the guide takes the student step by step through the whole range of English pronunciation, which goes hand in hand with the student's existing knowledge of Portuguese characteristics. The resulting match provides a familiar environment, enabling the student to practically "feel", and of course hear, each new foreign sound, almost as an extension of his or her own language, rather than just as a totally new and sometimes mystifying concept.

Part II, beginning with a concise but thorough coverage of the history of the English language, is designed for those who already have a consistent command of English and whose aim is to both correct and perfect their pronunciation. It approaches intonation and rhythm patterns and offers a technique for recognizing and practicing them.

Major differences between American and British pronunciation are also presented. The book comes with a complete glossary of all vocabulary within, as well as a CD with all the sounds.

The richly illustrated Guia de Pronúncia do Inglês para Brasileiros is an essential work for every teacher and student's bookshelf and desk and, why not?, maybe even bedside reading. It really approaches the subject of English pronunciation in an original, thorough and accessible manner. No matter how difficult you the student or you the teacher find English pronunciation to be and to teach, here you will find it presented in a light and often humourous vein, showing the way to overcoming difficulties and making real improvement and progress.

The reviewer
Michael Jacobs is the author of Como Não Aprender Inglês.

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