Resenhas de Livros: Como Escrever Tudo em Inglês

Como Escrever Tudo em Inglês
Escreva a coisa certa em qualquer situação
Ron Martinez, Editora Campus - 2002, 216 pages.
Reviewed by Ane Cibele Palma

The idea that written language becomes a permanent record scares away the writer’s creativity and maybe even the enthusiasm for producing a text. Imagine how greater this "writer’s block" can get when the target text is to be written in a foreign language - more specifically English…

Como Escrever Tudo em Inglês comes in handy in tackling writers’ constant struggle for different ideas and expressions for beginnings, middles and endings of texts. As the book is divided into four parts - the most common expressions in writing, expressions for social letters, business correspondence and models - there is a variety of writing styles and topics, meeting different writers’ needs. Moreover, the expressions presented in the book have been selected for their high-frequency use by native speakers of English, thus allowing writers to have a more fluent and natural language.

I believe anyone who comes across a writing task, whether it be for academic, professional or private purposes, will find this book a valuable resource and a great helping hand. Thanks Ron!

The reviewer
Ane Cibele Palma, EFL Teacher for over 10 years, is Academic Coordinator of Inter Americano / CCBEU – Curitiba, and Professor of the Letras Department at PUCPR. e-mail:

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